Friday, March 14, 2008

Cat Power / Spectrum

She was nothing like the Notorious Chan Marshall people talked about. No 7 1/2 songs in 2 hours + crying and breaking down on stage.

I was so excited that she started it with Don't Explain. Her version, without a doubt, would not beat Billie Holiday's performance, but it also has a magic touch. My favourite moment was Metalheart. I almost cried when she started singing. Well, I would have if she did Moonshiner.

Spectrum/Dimmer (12 April 2008 Northcote Social Club)

Went to see the legendary Pete Kember (Ex-Spacemen 3) with Dan, Tim and Caroline. Our "opening act" was Vegan Parma from East Brunswick Club!

Peter's solo set was great. 100% PURE SONIC/NOISE! It took me to another planet. Honestly his set is a bit boring to ''watch''. It was just a bunch of effects on the stage, no "musical instrument" in the traditional sense at all. At the end, the supporting act Dimmer joined him and did Che and Suicide in a full band manner.

Talking about Dimmer, they were great. I wish I could see them again on their own or with Peter. I talked with the bassist (about her bass) after the show, while Tim was talking to the drummer about his other band. Her precision bass has a Jazz pick up on the very end of the bridge. She said it is a modified 77 P bass. Awesome bassist with an awesome bass in an awesome band = triple awesome.