Saturday, September 22, 2007

Death on the Stairs

5mins before midnight,
I was the only one at the train station
My tram stop, after work.

Life goes on.

I've got "Tara" 2CD edition by Batrider for my birthday (Thanks Nikki). I fell in love with the band and found out they are leaving Australia. My friend told me they're playing a farewell show at a small pub.

So I went to the gig. It was very good but I felt (extremely) lonely for the first time in Melbourne.

The small venue was full of people who are "young and alive". I missed my wonderful friends in Hong Kong, the lovely people who make lovely music.

I jumped on a tram. There were two Chinese students making some stupid comment about a Chinese art house movie. I went to the other end of the tram. I really wished I couldn't understand their language. What made it worse is, I found out I jumped on the wrong tram. I, like the hero of a road movie, walked to a train station, along a quiet highway.

I was the only one at the Train station. Where the bloody hell am I? Only two stations away from home... but the next train was half an hour away.

Recent choice:
"Delivery" by Babyshambles
"Dinosaur Training" by Brooks Kubik

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