Sunday, June 8, 2008


Fried flat rice noodles
Tomato noodle soup with raw bean sprouts and basil

Bo De Trai is a great small joint in Footscray. They make great mock meat dishes and Vietnamese style noodle soup.

We had yummy crispy spring rolls, noodle soup and fried flat rice noodles for lunch.

I missed noddle soup since I turned vegan. The Chinese style noodle at Vegie Hut doesn't appeal to me (I've had enough boring bland Chinese vego noodle soup in Hong Kong already!)

Bo De Trai's tomato noodle soup was so delicious. It's fun when you add fresh lemon juice, basil and bean sprouts to the yummy steamy noodle soup. It makes the soup taste and smell better. The raw bean sprouts also add a crispy texture, which goes well with the softness of noodles and silken tofu.

The fried noodles were okay. I wouldn't order it though because the noodle soup is 10 times better. TEN TIMES!

I will try the mock lamb claypot next time!

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Bo De Trai
94 Hopkins Street, Footscray


小奧 said...

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Anonymous said...

Yum! I'll have to check it out, thanks Toby!
Hey I found a new and wonderful karaeoke venue...

Emily said...

The tomato noodle soup from Bo De Trai is so good. Best hangover cure ever! Unfortunately noodle soups seem to be the only thing they do well, but it's worth going just for that. The wonton soup is good too.